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Pricing & Revenue

Content Owners

Fee: Free
Revenue Share: 15% of gross OTT subscriber fees

BingeNow OTT is completely free for Content Owners. You will receive a royalty fee based on the portion of viewed minutes per month on each OTT service that your videos were viewed. You'll receive a percentage of 15% of the gross subscription fees from each OTT services each month, that your video views accounted for. Currently, you'll be paid by check each month when your balance owed is $30 or greater (direct ACH deposit will be available later).


Fee: $399 per month for OTT Website, $299 for each additional Application
Revenue Share: 20% of gross OTT subscriber fees

BingeNow OTT charges Aggregators a $399 a month service fee for a website subscription OTT service, plus $299 per month for each addtional application. The list of additional applications available is:

Aggregators receive 20% of the gross monthly OTT subscription revenue. If they provide their own content, they also receive the 15% content owner share for a total of 35% of the gross OTT service subscription revenue. All other expenses are handled by Bingenow, including video storage, transcoding, CDN, credit card processing fees, and OTT provider fees. Revenue share is paid monthly by check, after deduction for monthly service fees for the following month.